Go to seller.eezee.sg

●       Click on products, then add a product.

●       You can upload individual products. 

●       Head to product title and type the brand, product name and the model number. This is important as the buyer knows about the product, has most probably used the product before, and is looking to utilise it again.

●       These are the keywords that buyers normally search for.

●       Insert the necessary information in the different boxes.

●       It is recommended that you upload the product’s Safety Data sheet and the Technical data sheet here. This is to reassure your buyers that your products are authentic and from a reliable source.

●       If your brand is not in the drop down list or Eezee's system, you can email us at seller.support@eezee.com.sg / seller@eezee.com.sg to make a request for your brand to be created.


●       Next, choose to upload images. You can upload multiple images for each of your products.

●       Your product images need to be a minimum of 600x600 pixels on a white background. Your image file will have to be less than 1MB.

●       If you like to learn the best practices for creating product images, watch it at eezee.sg/support

●       Uploading a good product image will reassure your buyers that what they are buying is authentic and of tip-top quality.

●       If you upload pictures of products in different colours, remember to update the variant colour details so that it tallies and does not confuse the buyer.



●       Set the base price of the product.

●       You can set bulk discounts when a buyer buys in bulk.

●       For example, a buyer can get a 10% discount when they purchase 10 pieces of the product. Multiple bulk discounts can also be set.



●       The variants function is useful where you can set the variants custom to your product like colour, size, minimum order quantity and material.

●       Add a title to the variant group like size. Followed by adding the different sizes.

●       You can use any measurement unit you prefer.

●       Press the add field button to add a variant. This allows you to add all the sizes and price differences.

●       For example, you’ve set the base price of safety shoes at $10. 9-inch safety shoes will be the base price. 10-inch safety shoes are base price + $2. You can add in the additional price in the textbox.

●       To add another variant of colour. Click the multiple variant button and repeat the steps.

●       We encourage you to upload the product technical data sheet in pdf format here to help your buyers



●       Sizing information refers to packaging size.

●       This allows our driver to understand the size of your package before delivery.

●       The Eezee system will automatically adjust the sizing, weight, and price according to how many units the buyer purchases.