The mass uploading feature is useful for sellers who have hundreds of products.


●       Go to all products tab. Press download catalogue.

●       This will download an excel sheet that is a template for you to fill in all your product information.

●       You can leave the product ID section as blank as we will generate a product ID for you.

●       Once you have filled in all your product information, save the file in CSV (comma delimited) format and go           back to all products.

●       Click import catalogue and upload the file.

●       If errors are detected, the upload will not commence, and the errors will be highlighted to you.

●       Once you have successfully uploaded your catalogue, you are able to drag images into upload.

●       Whenever there is a mass upload requested, our product team will be notified to check and approve them in approximately 3 working days.


After mass uploading your product catalogue, please remember to go back to each individual product to insert the necessary details such as product images, and product description and upload the technical data sheet.

If you are unsure on how to tweak the individual products, please refer to the basic uploading segment.

If you have any queries about basic product uploading and mass uploading, email us at /

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