The mass uploading feature is useful for sellers who have hundreds of products.


Click ‘All Products’


  1. Click ‘Download Catalog’
  2. Input SKU, Model number, Brand, Product title, Weight, Height, Length, Width, price, and MOQ & Bundle size (if any). Pricing should be marked upby 10% to upload.

     Save the file in CSV UTF-8 (.csv) type. Please leave the productId, custom_tag,and custom_spec. This data field will automatically generate by our system.

  3. Go back to your browser window and click ‘Import Catalog’ to upload it. The system will take a moment to upload the file and check for errors.

  4. If there are any errors, it will appear in red text as shown below. You need to double-check your catalog to ensure nothing is missing from your data. Reupload the file till it is all cleared.

  5. It will appear as such (see below) if there are no errors. Click ‘Confirm’ to continue.

  6. Click ‘Edit’ to add the Product Image, Brand, Category, Datasheet (if any), etc. Click ‘See Preview’ to view how the product will appear on our website. Click ‘Save’ and click ‘Inactive’ toggle to make the product active on our website.