The Seller shall advise the Minimum Order Value (MOV)* that will determine how the delivery will proceed.

  • Below MOV
    Eezee will pick up the products from the Seller’s warehouse and send them to the customers. Customers will pay the delivery fees (starting from SGD 5.50).

    The seller shall advise the collection place, date, and time to avoid e.g lunch time, etc.
  • Above MOV

    The Seller sends the products to Eezee’s warehouse* at 10 Buroh Street, #04-9, Singapore 627564. Any delivery costs involved will be borne by the Seller.

    *If your product needs extra technical support or it is super bulky, please kindly let us know.
Feel free to reach us at should you have further concerns. Our dedicated teams would be happy to have a discussion with you.