1. The Seller needs to submit their Purchase Invoice ("PI") for each order upon its completion to our Operations Team at operations@eezee.com.sg.
  2. The Seller needs to submit their Statement of Accounts ("SOA") at the end of the calendar month to the Finance Team at finance@eezee.com.sg. Finance will process the payment 30 days from the receipt of the SOA or by the end of the following calendar month.
  3. The transaction fees prescribed in Table 1, and/or any other value-added fees levied onto the Seller by Eezee shall be netted off against the collections from the sale of merchandise, and the balance amount due will be paid to the Seller within fourteen (14) days from the release of the Statement of Accounts (SOA).

Nett Transaction Fee % off Value of Transactions per Month^*

(Singapore Dollars)


^ Based on Listed Value, Excluding Delivery Fees and/or GST

* Cumulative Transaction Volume calculated on the last calendar day of each month.

Feel free to reach us at seller@eezee.com.sg should you have further concerns. Our dedicated teams would be happy to have a discussion with you.