Here are some best practices to keep in mind while filling in your product details.

Add keywords early on in the “Product Description” section

  • Aside from just repeating keywords a handful of times, you should also consider putting them earlier in the description.
  • This is in view of the fact that search engines put more weight on terms that appear earlier on the page.

Craft unique descriptions

  • Avoiding duplicate or near duplicate descriptions keeps your product searchable. This helps your customers and the search engine display your product easily.

Use high quality images

  • Not only does high quality images accurately depict what you are selling, it also makes you look professional and reliable.

Name images in a descriptive manner

  • The way you name your image files affects how search engines identify what is the image. By having good naming conventions, it lets the search engine know exactly what your image is depicting. For example an image of a packet of nails can be named “packet-nails.jpg”

Extensive description of product

  • We recommend giving a 500 and up word count description to get a good chance at ranking.
  • Also, our platform provides a SEO strength analyser that will provide you feedback on how strong your description is. So be sure to use this free feature to your advantage!

A good example of a strong and detailed product description is this Bullard helmet. This seller has included all the necessary product information that will help a buyer make a purchase decision, such as special features, technical specifications and more.

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